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Process Skills In Problem Solving is specially written for primary level pupils to systematically develop competency in thinking skills and problem solving heuristics through meaningful and challenging activities.

By walking through the underlying processes of both routine and non-routine problems at appropriate levels, this series of books will help pupils to be aware of and develop a set of good habits of mind and acquire the necessary process skills involved in reasoning, communication and connections, thinking skills and heuristics, and application and modeling.

Above extract from Preface of
Process Skills in Problem Solving (reproduced with the permission of the publishers).

There are answers and detailed solutions at the back of the book.
This series can be used as a supplement to Singapore Math® materials to provide additional approaches, examples, and practice in problem solving.

Problem Skills in Problem Solving 5


Unit 1 Whole Numbers

1.1 Look for Pattern
1.2 Systematic Listing
1.3 Solve In Parts
1.4 Make-A-Whole Model Concept
1.5 Before-After Model Concept
1.6 Internal-Transfer Model Concept
1.7 *Restate In Another Way
1.8 * Integrated Strategies

Unit 2 Fractions

2.1 Simplify The Calculation
2.2 Part-Whole Unit Model Concept
2.3 Comparison Unit Model Concept
2.4 Parts-And-Units Model Concept I
2.5 Restate In Another Way
2.6 *Before-After Model Concept
2.7 *Solve In Parts
2.8 *Parts-And-Units Model Concept II
2.9 *Work Backwards

Unit 3 Ratio

3.1 Unit Model Concept
3.2 Before-After Model Concept I
3.3 Restate In Another Way
3.4 Draw A Diagram
3.5 Use Before-After Concept
3.6 *Before-After Model Concept II

Unit 4 Decimals

4.1 Draw A Model
4.2 *Restate In Another Way

Unit 5 Percentage Of A Quantity

5.1 Part-Whole Model Concept I
5.2 Part-Whole Model Concept II
5.3 Comparison Model Concept
5.4 *Use Before-After Concept

Unit 6 Average

6.1 Solve In Parts
6.2 *Restate In Another Way

Unit 7 Area of Triangle

7.1 Restate In Another Way


Unit 8 Volume

8.1 Solve In Parts I
8.2 Solve In Parts II

Answer Key & Detailed Solutions

*More challenging problems especially for advanced pupils


Unit 2 – Fractions : Part-Whole Unit Model Concept
Unit 2 – Fractions : Part-Whole Unit Model Concept
Unit 2 – Fractions : Before-After Model Concept
Unit 2 – Fractions : Before-After Model Concept

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