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Textbooks present new concepts and learning tasks for students to complete with educator supervision. They include practice and review problems, and are designed to be used alongside workbooks.

Features & Components:

  • Mathematical concepts are introduced in the opening pages and taught to mastery through specific learning tasks that allow for immediate assessment and consolidation.
  • The Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach enables students to encounter math in a meaningful way.
  • Direct correlation of the textbook to the workbook facilitates focused review and evaluation.
  • The modeling method enables students to visualize and solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • New mathematical concepts are introduced through a spiral progression that builds on concepts already taught and mastered.
  • Metacognition is employed as a strategy for learners to monitor their thinking processes in problem solving. Speech and thought bubbles provide guidance through the thought processes, making even the most challenging problems accessible to students.
  • Color patches invite active student participation and facilitate lively discussion about concepts.
  • Regular reviews in the textbook provide consolidation opportunities.
  • The glossary effectively combines pictorial representation with simple mathematical definitions to provide a comprehensive reference guide for students.

Note: Two textbooks (A and B) for each grade correspond to the two halves of the school year. Answer key not included. Soft cover.

Unit 9: Percentage – Writing Fractions as Percentages
Unit 10: Angles – Sum of Angles of Triangle
Unit 12: Data Analysis – Histograms

Table of Contents

    1. Decimals

      Tenths, Hundredths and Thousandths
      Add and Subtract Decimals
      Multiply and Divide Decimals by a 1-Digit Whole Number
      Practice A
      Multiplication by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands
      Division by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands
      Multiplication by a 2-Digit Whole Number
      Division by a 2-Digit Whole Number
      Multiplication by a Decimal
      Division by a Decimal
      Practice B

Review 7

    1. Measures and Volume

      Conversion of Measures
      Practice A
      Volume of Rectangular Prisms
      Practice B

Review 8

    1. Percentage

      Writing Fractions as Percentages
      Practice A
      Percentage of a Quantity
      Practice B

Review 9

    1. Angles

      Measuring Angles
      Finding Unknown Angles
      Sum of Angles of a Triangle
      Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles
      Drawing Triangles
      Sum of Angles of a Quadrilateral
      Parallelograms, Rhombuses and Trapezoids
      Drawing Parallelograms and Rhombuses

Review 10

    1. Average and Rate
      Practice A
      Practice B

Review 11

    1. Data Analysis

      Mean, Median and Mode
      Multiplying Measures
      Line Graphs
      Pie Charts

Review 12

    1. Algebra

      Algebraic Expressions
      Practice A
      Practice B
      Coordinate Graphs

Review 13

Grade Five Mathematics Content Standards



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