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Primary Mathematics Tests is a series of differentiated assessments that provide educators with a systematic way to evaluate student progress and address individual needs. Apart from testing, the problems can also be used for extra practice.

Features & Components:

  • Each chapter comprises Test A and Test B.
  • Each unit concludes with Cumulative Tests A and B.
  • Test A consists of free response questions and assesses comprehension of key concepts and problem solving skills.
  • Test B consists of multiple-choice questions and tests the application of analytical skills, thinking skills, and heuristics.
  • Cumulative Tests include questions from earlier units. These tests focus on review, consolidation, and integration.
  • Answers are included in the back of each book.

Note: Tests are specific to each Primary Mathematics edition, and are not interchangeable across editions. Soft cover. Perforated pages.

Unit 7 Decimal Chapter 2: Approximation Test B
Unit 9 Percentage Chapter 3: Percentage of a Quantity Test B
Unit 13 Algebra Chapter 1: Algebraic Expressions Test A

Table of Contents

Unit 7: Decimals
Chapter 1: Tenths, Hundredths and Thousandths
Chapter 2: Approximation

Chapter 3: Add and Subtract Decimals

Chapter 4: Multiply and Divide Decimals by a 1-Digit Whole Number

Chapter 5: Multiplication by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands

Chapter 6: Division by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands

Chapter 7: Multiplication by a 2-Digit Whole Number

Chapter 8: Division by a 2-Digit Whole Number

Chapter 9: Multiplication by a Decimal

Chapter 10: Division by a Decimal

Units 1–7: Cumulative Test A

Units 1–7: Cumulative Test B

Unit 8: Measures and Volumes
Chapter 1: Conversion of Measures
Chapter 2: Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Units 1–8: Cumulative Test A

Units 1–8: Cumulative Test B

Unit 9: Percentage
Chapter 1: Percent
Chapter 2: Writing Fractions as Percentages

Chapter 3: Percentage of a Quantity

Units 1–9: Cumulative Test A

Units 1–9: Cumulative Test B

Unit 10: Angles
Chapter 1: Measuring Angles
Chapter 2: Finding Unknown Angles

Chapter 3: Sum of Angles of a Triangle

Chapter 4: Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles

Chapter 5: Drawing Triangles

Chapter 6: Sum of Angles of a Quadrilateral

Chapter 7: Parallelograms, Rhombuses and Trapezoids

Chapter 8: Drawing Parallelograms and Rhombuses

Units 1–10: Cumulative Test A

Units 1–10: Cumulative Test B

Unit 11: Average and Rate
Chapter 1: Average
Chapter 2: Rate

Units 1–11: Cumulative Test A

Units 1–11: Cumulative Test B

Unit 12: Data Analysis
Chapter 1: Mean, Median and Mode
Chapter 2: Histograms

Chapter 3: Line Graphs

Chapter 4: Pie Charts

Units 1–12: Cumulative Test A

Units 1–12: Cumulative Test B

Unit 13: Algebra
Chapter 1: Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 2: Integers

Chapter 3: Coordinate Graphs

Units 1–13: Cumulative Test A

Units 1–13: Cumulative Test B


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