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My Pals are Here (MPH) Science helps young learners acquire deep understanding of scientific concepts while developing essential process skills through a stimulating and friendly approach.

Stimulating and Vibrant

  • Learning is experiential and deductive as pupils are encouraged to explore and discover scientific knowledge.
  • Questions are purposefully posed to inculcate an inquisitive attitude towards the learning of Science.
  • Fascinating photographs and colourful illustrations engage pupils’ minds and spark their curiosity about the world around them.


    • Carefully selected visuals and minimal text allow all pupils regardless of language skills to understand scientific concepts, hence building learner confidence.
    • Concrete examples from everyday life make Science relevant and accessible to the young learners.


With MPH Science, pupils will acquire knowledge, and inquiring mind, and skills and processed that form the basis for learning at higher levels.

Each level of MPH Science comprises:

  • Textbook (Parts A and B)
  • Activity Book (Parts A and B)
  • Teacher’s Guide (Parts A and B)

Our recommendation:
The teacher’s guide is a valuable resource both for school and home use. It includes detailed lesson plans, lists of material for each lesson as well as suggestions on where to obtain them, time needed, and all answers to the questions in both textbook and workbook. It also includes background information for the teacher, common misconceptions, enrichment activities for advanced learners and reinforcement for struggling learners and links to pertinent internet sites. If using this in a home setting, some adaptation will be needed with the group activities. British English is used.

MPH Science Intl Teacher’s Guide 5B


Scheme of work

Unit 14 Materials and their properties
Unit 15 Physical and chemical changes
Unit 16 Separating mixtures
Unit 17 Changes of state
Unit 18 Air and water
Unit 19 Gravitational and frictional forces
Unit 20 Energy conversion
Unit 21 Light and heat
Unit 22 Electric circuits
Unit 23 Sound
Unit 24 Soil
Unit 25 The sky
Unit 26 Movement of planets in the Solar System

Science Themes (Systems, Diversity, Energy, Interactions, Cycles)


Lesson Plan – Unit 14 Materials and their properties
Textbook wraparound – Unit 14 Materials and their properties
Activity Book wraparound – Unit 14 Materials and their properties
Textbook wraparound – Unit 21 Light and heat

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