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Math Works! Workbooks are meant to accompany the Math Works! Coursebooks. They contain the exercises for independent practice.

Features of the 5A and 5B workbooks:

  • Simple and clear instructions and question statements facilitate understanding and build up pupils’ confidence in mathematics.
  • I Can Do provides pupils with opportunities to practice key ideas developed in each unit.
  • Term and Semester Revisions help pupils to consolidate their learning. Each test consists of questions modeled after those in the Foundation Maths examination in Singapore.

Above extract is adapted from the back cover of Math Works! 5 workbook.

Answers to the problems are found only in the Teacher’s Guides; there are no answers in the workbooks.

Our recommendation:
These workbooks should be used alongside the Math Works! Coursebooks.

Recommended for classroom or home use for students starting to use Singapore Math® books who have not done the earlier grades of Primary Mathematics.

The material in these books cover material from as early as Level 3 Primary Mathematics, includes calculator use, and has less challenging word problems than Primary Mathematics. It does have a thorough review of the use of bar models for word problems and other topics. It has not been adapted in any way and so retains British spelling and other non-U.S. conventions, and does not include U.S. customary measurement.

Math Works 5A Activity Book Part 2


    1. Fractions: IntroductionNumerator and Denominator
      Comparing and Ordering
      Equivalent Fractions
      Addition of Fractions
      Subtraction of Fractions
      I Can Do 4


    1. Fractions: Addition and SubtractionAddition of Fractions
      Subtraction of Fractions
      Word Problems
      Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers
      I Can Do 5


  1. GeometryMeasuring Angles
    Finding Unknown Angles
    Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
    Rectangles and Squares
    Drawing Squares and Rectangles
    I Can Do 6

Term Revision 2

Semestral Revision 2


Chapter 4 Fractions: Introduction – Activity 4.3
Chapter 4 Fractions: Introduction – Cut-Out Activity
Chapter 5 Fractions: Addition and Subtraction – Activity 5.7

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