Five & Ten-Frame Activity Cards


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Using five and ten frames at the primary level can encourage subitizing, help develop a sense of magnitude, show one-to-one correspondence, build number sense, improve understanding of base ten, and demonstrate strategies for composing and decomposing numbers. Ten frames are a versatile tool for addressing individual state standards, as well as addressing the CCSS. Five and ten frames can also be available for students as hands-on tools for individual independent problem solving, providing students with opportunities to build visual models of problems and to display the solutions to those problems. Five & Ten Frames Activity Cards can be used in many ways. Modeling with the frames, for example, can guide whole class instruction, or activities can be used more interactively with the students in smaller groups. Centers can be established with frames being used to solve assigned problems. Includes 20 durable, double-sided activity cards in a reclosable plastic storage bag.

Dimensions: 4" x 2"

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