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Extra Practice reinforces and consolidates the skills learned in the Primary Mathematics series. It is for both home and classroom use. It allows teachers to identify and assign specific topics that are challenging to students, and exercises can serve as reviews for tests. Exercises generally provide problems of a similar style and level of difficulty as the course material. Answers are included in the back of the book.

Note: Soft cover.

Unit 10 Data Analysis and Probability: Friendly Notes – Organizing and Analyzing Data
Unit 10 Data Analysis and Probability: Exercise 2 – Probability Experiments
Unit 10 Data Analysis and Probability: Exercise 3 – Order of Outcomes

Table of Contents


Unit 1 Whole NumbersExercise 1 Ten Thousands, Hundred Thousands and Millions
Exercise 2 Approximation
Exercise 3 Factors
Exercise 4 Multiples
Exercise 5 Order of Operations
Exercise 6 Negative Numbers


Unit 2 The Four Operations of Whole NumbersExercise 1 Addition and Subtraction
Exercise 2 Multiplication and Division
Exercise 3 Multiplication by a 2-digit Number


Unit 3 FractionsExercise 1 Equivalent Fractions
Exercise 2 Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Exercise 3 Mixed Numbers
Exercise 4 Improper Fractions
Exercise 5 Fractions and Division
Exercise 6 Fraction of a Set


Unit 4 GeometryExercise 1 Right Angles
Exercise 2 Measuring Angles
Exercise 3 Perpendicular Lines
Exercise 4 Parallel Lines
Exercise 5 Quadrilaterals
Exercise 6 Triangles
Exercise 7 Circles
Exercise 8 Solid Figures
Exercise 9 Nets


Unit 5 Area and PerimeterExercise 1 Area of Rectangles
Exercise 2 Perimeter of Rectangles
Exercise 3 Composite Figures


Unit 6 DecimalsExercise 1 Tenths
Exercise 2 Hundredths
Exercise 3 Thousandths
Exercise 4 Rounding


Unit 7 The Four Operations of DecimalsExercise 1 Addition and Subtraction
Exercise 2 Multiplication
Exercise 3 Division


Unit 8 Congruent and Symmetric FiguresExercise 1 Congruent Figures
Exercise 2 Tiling Patterns
Exercise 3 Line Symmetry
Exercise 4 Rotational Symmetry


Unit 9 Coordinate Graphs and Changes in QuantitiesExercise 1 The Coordinate Grid
Exercise 2 Changes in Quantities
Unit 10 Data Analysis and Probability
Exercise 1 Organizing and Analyzing Data
Exercise 2 Probability Experiments
Exercise 3 Order of Outcomes
Exercise 4 Bar Graphs
Exercise 5 Line Graphs


Unit 11 Measures and VolumeExercise 1 Adding and Subtracting Measures
Exercise 2 Multiplying Measures
Exercise 3 Dividing Measures
Exercise 4 Cubic Units
Exercise 5 Volume of Rectangular Prisms



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