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Extra Practice reinforces and consolidates the skills learned in the Primary Mathematics series. It is for both home and classroom use. It allows teachers to identify and assign specific topics that are challenging to students, and exercises can serve as reviews for tests. Exercises generally provide problems of a similar style and level of difficulty as the course material. Answers are included in the back of the book.

Note: Soft cover.

Unit 2 Addition and Subtraction: Friendly Notes – Addition Without Renaming
Unit 2 Addition and Subtraction: Exercise 1A – Meanings of Addition and Subtraction
Unit 7 Addition and Subtraction: Exercise 2 – Methods of Mental Addition

Table of Contents


Unit 1 Numbers to 1000Exercise 1 Looking Back
Exercise 2 Hundreds, Tens and Ones
Exercise 3 Comparing Numbers


Unit 2 Addition and SubtractionExercise 1A-B Meanings of Addition and Subtraction
Exercise 2 Addition Without Renaming
Exercise 3 Subtraction Without Renaming
Exercise 4A-B Addition with Renaming
Exercise 5A-B Subtraction with Renaming


Unit 3 LengthExercise 1 Measuring Length
Exercise 2 Measuring Length in Meters
Exercise 3 Measuring Length in Centimeters
Exercise 4 Measuring Length in Yards and Feet
Exercise 5 Measuring Length in Inches


Unit 4 WeightExercise 1 Measuring Weight in Kilograms
Exercise 2 Measuring Weight in Grams
Exercise 3 Measuring Weight in Pounds and Ounces


Unit 5 Multiplication and DivisionExercise 1 Multiplication
Exercise 2 Division


Unit 6 Multiplication Tables of 2 and 3Exercise 1 Multiplication Table of 2
Exercise 2 Multiplication Table of 3
Exercise 3 Dividing by 2
Exercise 4 Dividing by 3


Unit 7 Addition and SubtractionExercise 1 Finding the Missing Number
Exercise 2 Methods for Mental Addition
Exercise 3 Methods for Mental Subtraction


Unit 8 Multiplication and DivisionExercise 1 Multiplying and Dividing by 4
Exercise 2 Multiplying and Dividing by 5
Exercise 3 Multiplying and Dividing by 10
Exercise 4 Division with Remainder


Unit 9 MoneyExercise 1 Dollars and Cents
Exercise 2 Adding Money
Exercise 3 Subtracting Money


Unit 10 FractionsExercise 1 Halves and Quarters
Exercise 2 Writing Fractions
Exercise 3 Fraction of a Set


Unit 11 TimeExercise 1 Telling Time After the Hour
Exercise 2 Telling Time Before the Hour
Exercise 3 Time Intervals
Exercise 4 Other Units of Time


Unit 12 CapacityExercise 1 Comparing Capacity
Exercise 2 Liters
Exercise 3 Gallons, Quarts, Pints and Cups


Unit 13 Tables and GraphsExercise 1 Picture Graphs
Exercise 2 Bar Graphs


Unit 14 GeometryExercise 1 Flat and Curved Faces
Exercise 2 Making Shapes



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