Elementary Math for Teachers Complete Set


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This is a complete Package of Elementary Mathematics for Teachers and the five Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition books that are used in conjunction with it.

Package consists of one each of the following:

  • Elementary Math for Teachers (ISBN 9780974814001)
  • Primary Mathematics 3A Textbook (ISBN 9789810185022)
  • Primary Mathematics 4A Textbook (ISBN 9789810185060)
  • Primary Mathematics 5A Textbook (ISBN 9789810185107)
  • Primary Mathematics 5A Workbook (ISBN 9789810185121)
  • Primary Mathematics 6A Textbook (ISBN 9789810185145)

For teachers using Primary Mathematics Standards Edition textbooks and workbooks, here is a link to  EMFT homework adaptation for the Standards Edition.  This homework adaptation may be printed out and used at no cost by teachers using the EMFT textbook.  They may not be sold or incorporated into any other document.

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