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Workbooks are the essential supplements to textbooks as they give students the opportunity to practice applying new concepts. Workbook exercises polish analytical skills and help students develop a stronger foundation in math through repetition and variation.

Features & Components:

  • Basic Practice: Simple questions that drill comprehension of concepts.
  • Further Practice: More difficult questions that involve direct application.
  • Challenging Practice: Questions that require synthesis.

The answer key at the back of the book provides answers only. Workbook Solutions (sold separately) contain fully worked solutions.

Note: Two workbooks (A and B) correspond to the two halves of the school year. Soft cover.

Sample Pages

Table of Contents

Chapter 8: Algebraic Expressions
8.1 Writing and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
A. Use of Letters
B. Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
C. Word Problems
8.2 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Chapter 9: Equations and Inequalities
9.1 Equations
A. Algebraic Equations
B. Balancing Equations
9.2 Inequalities
A. Algebraic Inequalities
B. Graphing Inequalities Using a Number Line

Chapter 10: Coordinates and Graphs
10.1 The Coordinate Plane
10.2 Distance between Coordinate Pairs
10.3 Changes in Quantities
A. Independent and Dependent Variables
B. Representing Relationships between Variables
C. Observing Relations between Variables with Graphs

Chapter 11: Area of Plane Figures
11.1 Area of Rectangles and Parallelograms
11.2 Area of Triangles
A. Finding Area of a Triangle
B. Areas Involving Parallelograms and Triangles
11.3 Area of Trapezoids

Chapter 12: Volume and Surface Area of Solids12.1 Volume of Rectangular Prisms
A. Cubes and Cuboids
B. Volume of Liquids
12.2 Surface Area of Prisms
A. Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms
B. Surface Area of Triangular Prisms
C. Metric Conversions and Volume

Chapter 13: Displaying and Comparing Data
13.1 Statistical Variability
A. Statistical Questions
B. Measures of Center
13.2 Displaying Numerical Data
A. Dot Plots
B. Histograms
13.3 Measures of Variability and Box Plots
A. Range
B. Mean Absolute Deviation
C. Interquartile Range
D. Box Plot

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